HPE Alletra

Use disk space like in a cloud and keep your data under control, no matter where you store it.

HPE Alletra is the latest on-prem disk storage from HPE with the highest data management efficiency in its class. It eliminates the complex management of isolated data repositories, unlocks the true potential of the hybrid cloud and optimizes the workload.

Today, data is one of the most valuable assets that companies can own. Data-based organizations are 23 times more likely to gain customers and 6 times more likely to retain customers. This is also related to a 19-fold higher probability of profit. Data and data management are at the heart of any digital transformation, and the question most companies ask today is what keeps them from following data and what obstacles stand in its way.

The IT role moves from data storage management to data management. Customers not only require data to be stored, but also require advanced features (software-defined, converged, object-oriented...)

HPE has introduced a new line of smart storage – Alletra, which delivers unprecedented savings and results. They achieve this by using advanced AI not only in a specific storage and management system, but also in the HPE cloud environment, which enables mass learning and proactive and predictive notification of potential problems.

•    Store data more efficiently and save on IT operations. The best data infrastructure for hybrid cloud – HPE Alletra, moves your data between local storage and external cloud without any problems. Data access will be consistent and seamless, regardless of location. HPE Alletra secures your data in the cloud, enabling synchronous replication for possible hardware failure.
•    Timeless, durable and maximally agile – available even during the heaviest workload. Agility for every application throughout its life cycle.
•    Integrated security and encryption according to the latest standards, secure authorization and access control over a reliable connection.
•    Allows you to run all your applications thanks to adequate performance, durability and efficiency, you can run any application. It works easily and is ready for all specific requirements of your enterprise software. Seamless operation and management of local or remote applications. Thanks to NVMe, it will speed up the running of your applications.
•    Managed by artificial intelligence – HPE InfoSight. Thanks to the most advanced artificial intelligence for the IT infrastructure – HPE InfoSight, HPE Alletra offers a unique user experience. Through machine learning, it creates a predictive model of support and management that can prevent problems and outages. Over the past ten years, the artificial intelligence HPE InfoSight has analysed more than 1,250 trillion data points and saved businesses more than 1.5 million man-hours. Artificial intelligence-based recommendations improve performance, ensure greater availability, and optimize resource utilization and planning. Alletra's new fields have taken over the best of HPE's technology portfolio. The Alletra 9000 is based on the HPE Primera hardware platform, which is “looked after” by automation – controlled AI, which uses a secure cloud platform taken from Aruba Central.
•    Top performance
•    99% saving of operating time HPE Alletra is closely integrated with the HPE Data Services Cloud Console. It ensures that you manage all repositories as a whole. Say goodbye to annoying and lengthy downtimes due to upgrades – HPE Alletra is easy to deploy in a few minutes. It is updated without the need for external intervention. The new system is automatically found, connected and configured. No extensive equipment changes – HPE Alletra adapts to you and can grow with your business. Self-installation by customers, updates and self-repair by customers.
•    Guaranteed availability – loss of access to data means loss of time and money. Thanks to HPE Alletra, you can forget these worries. With the HPE Alletra 9000 system, HPE guarantees 100% availability and with the HPE Alletra 6000 99.9999% availability.
•    Improved support – with predictive and automated technical support, you don't have to deal with unexpected problems.
•    Available as a service thanks to HPE GreenLake – reduce the infrastructure costs. Thanks to HPE GreenLake technology, you can use HPE Alletra as a service. Don't waste money on unused capacity. HPE GreenLake allows you to pay only for actually consumed data sources. Invest money where you really need it with a flexible IT operations financing model. Scale capacity and performance exactly according to your needs, or leave it to us and we will prepare a custom-made offer for you. Manage your IT resources using an intuitive software-based user interface delivered in the form of a service.

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