IT infrastructure is the central nervous system of your company and to your business

Zero Downtime Infrastructure
Zero Downtime


Properly used IT technologies are the central nervous system of your company.

Technology selection

In order for IT technologies to perform your required tasks, they must be properly selected, correctly implemented and operated with sufficient professional care. This requires continuous monitoring of trends and training in individual technological areas. 

We have established partnership with technology leaders, whose technologies we implement and we have the necessary certificates and audits. We owe our expertise in implementation to our IT specialist, of whom we are rightly proud. We know that only a professionally trained, coordinated and properly motivated team of experts can acquire, maintain and further develop the strategic partnership. That is why we continuously invest in the education and professional growth of our IT experts.
We work with the following key global IT vendors:

Professional implementation

          Zero Downtime Infrastructure - Profesionálna implementácia
          For extensive projects, pilot implementation precedes the delivery of the system into production, during which we test all components and their cooperation with a group of key users. If the pilot operation meets all the requirements for the system, we put a complete system into operation and we train employees. The technology will then bring an optimal return on investment.

          We provide professional implementation of technologies in the areas of:
          • consolidation and virtualization of server infrastructure
          • consolidation and virtualization of storage infrastructure
          • network infrastructure
          • supporting applications for the management and supervision of infrastructure and operated services (backup, monitoring, helpdesk)

          Post-implementation services

          After the implementation, our technical team will test the functionality of the implemented solution and check whether all project goals have been met. We will make sure that all aspects of your order are fully documented. Post-implementation services include repair and technology maintenance services. All requests are entered via our service center.
          Zero Downtime Infrastructure - Poimplementačné služby
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